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This girl is amazing, been to vr a few times but this visit was the best,will be back

Bunny Venus

Wow, this girl is hot. She meet with a drink in a sexy outfit and didn’t disappoint. Was an amazing time and left me breathless and wanting more. Thanks for the mind blowing time.

First Time Great Experience

First time at VR and a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Peaches is a stunning lady with a lovely friendly personality and great conversation . Absolute pleasure 🙂

Nora venus

Giving a litl late review . Nora is fantastic girl to spent a time with her. She has very mind blowing body with a figure I can’t keep my hands off from top to toe. Fulfills all the desires and needs that you wish. Personally recommending nora as i had two times experience with her.


Sorry Im a bit slow at writing this but I had Holly!! What a lovely mature woman easy to talk to and alot of fun to be with. She anticipated my every want and need .Really nice girl to be with,would recommend her to anyone, Had a great time

Alice Venus

Alice squirter Hi all, its been some time since Ive posted. Visited Venus room after long time. Still some pretty and friendly ladies working there. Lucy and Possum (who is a beauty) were away. I was in a mood to get wet by Alice’s squirts that day though. And she didnt dissappoint. She is young, sweet, nervous (in. A good way 😉 ) girl next door type of girl. Passionate kisser. I got a feeling like I actually hired a room and got this sweet girl to play with me there. We had our first round and then all my attention was on her lovely ready to eat pussy!!! So delish and her lovely soft moans were driving me crazy.. nice squirting on my face and she squirted quite a few times, luckily she had an extra sheet which was absolutely wet!!! My thirst was quenched for sure!!! If you are looking for a genuine squirter, with a really cute face and a sweet personality shes your girl!! Thanks Alice. PS: Madam Touche, you are one of the hottest milfs out there. Oh I so wish I could be a bad boy and you could teach me a lesson or 2 😉 you rock!! Hungry Stud

Lauren Venus - Fantastic Experience

Absolutely fantastic is how I would describe my first experience with Lauren. I felt very relaxed with Lauren and talking to her was so easy. Gorgeous smile, sexy body and very open personality which makes the experience so much better and to top it all off she is absolutely stunning. Very much looking forward to coming back again. Mr Anonymous

Peaches Venus

Ok, I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, because I’ve only seen Peaches once. Normally, A girl has to get 5 or so booking to be even considered for a recommendation from me. Not to say I’m hard to please, I’m actually not. So, I’m going to start with this. This was the best 1st time meeting Ive ever had. Peaches couldn’t do enough to please me. If you can think of it, she’s up for it. No ditzy blonde here either, intelligent conversation, (not that there was much time for it). She’s quite the lady and her service and adventurism is top notch, especially for a 1st time meeting. Will I be back? Fuck yes. Should you go see her? Fuck yes. I guess the saying goes, treat her like a Queen, you’ll be treated like a King. Still grinning like a school boy, Rob.

Venusroom Orgy

Back in November, I was invited to attend the forthcoming event at the Venus Rooms. As I had a few questions to ask Madame Touche, I had arranged to pop in to see Nova, already, (who deserves a review for as she’s a strong 9/10 IMHO) luckily, MT was was available for a brief chat beforehand. MT says “hang on I’ll get Harper if she’s free as she’s organising it.” So in walks Harper, (looking absolutely stunning) and sits down directly opposite me, wearing a little black dress, I was trying not to peek at her tightly closed, sexy, moisturised, tanned, smooth legs, whilst looking into her gorgeous eyes, intently listening and nodding approvingly as she was finishing off her sentences……. yup thought I had nailed it until, glancing over at MT, who was sitting behind her desk, I had a Reggie Perrin type moment…..which involved clearing the desk in one sweep with my forearm, bending Harper over said cleared desk, spanking her exquisite bottom, then giving her a royally good seeing to of course! Oh Yeah…… Anyway that moment passed and MT is still sitting at the desk on the phone. Mind you, Harper (who still has her legs closed, darn it) is a really good saleswoman, (as well as being an all round cool lady) she had me signing up, all be it a week later, despite my reservations about being in a room with 9 fine examples of New Zealand manhood, beef bayonets at the ready, walking around the place, or even worse having sword fights! lol Yes, the big evening arrived, the girls put us at ease immediately from walking through the door. I was introduced to Peaches and Mandi (the newest girls) whom I hadn’t met and to the guys as they arrived. 6 of the guys were probably older and greyer than me, there others in their 30’s probably and me. Vodka shots did the trick, didn’t notice that they were naked or not later, ha ha The other guys, like me, were known to at least some of the girls …the fact none of the girls had ever done a gang bang before but a couple of the older guys had at Stacys apparently back in the day, meant they were an asset as they showed us first timers some points of etiquette. So the five lovely girls were Harper, Lucy, Nova, Peaches and Mandi, and what a perfect age range they are – 21 to 30. Almost don’t know where to start, as I haven’t got it straight in my head yet. 15, busy bodies x 3 hours = a lot to take in, trust me. Keep getting lots of lovely flashbacks though its so its not so bad! lol Wow, Mandi has the same sexual appetite as Nova, yeah, off the scale, blond, actually similar body shape to Tiger Lilly, maybe slightly thinner, but just as eager. Once the music was turned up it was Mandi who lead the dancing from the front, and got the party started IMO, so when I took her into my arms, and said “your a fucking good dancer young lady” (which she is, and I meant it) and gently put her up against the glass slider, lifting her arms above her head whilst we pashed each other out out….. everyone could see us both inside and outside and that, and that, boys and girls was when I got properly hard, for the first time. Then Nova opens the sliding door to where this guys sitting on the sofa, she leans over the arm, cap in mouth and starts to blow him then with her free hand points to her butt and passes me a condom off the table, sometimes, actions speak louder than words, I was in like Flynn, my cock in her tight wet warm pussy, whilst she’s slobbering up and down this other guys cock, at this point I felt I had got the hang of this orgy business, and we were only about 20 mins in, ha ha!! Oh and most of the guys were Harpers regulars and seemed to be around her a lot, whilst I was hell bent on fucking all the other girls first! So next after finishing with Nova I walked hand in hand with Lucy to the kitchen bench, where she hopped up and sat her lovely derriere on it, then lay back, slowly kissing and licking the inside of her thighs,talking to her pussy and did the blowing warm air routine – just ever now and then tongue flicking her lady boner etc, oh and a cheeky finger may have strayed at one point (I made the decision not to perform oral on the girls after Lucy and there was no way I was going near the fucking hot tub either.) One of the guys passed me a condom which once fitted, Lucy was ripe and ready to go, telling me to fuck her now – I proceeded to cock slap Lucy’s clit before repeatably entering her with just my bell end, plus with the occasional balls deep jab, ha ha, fuck, she has the tightest pussy! At least once she called out she “another cock needed over here now” and one of the guys came over with a capped cock and skull fucked her (her head was sort of upside down over the other side of the bench) During these proceedings I remember two of us licking beer off Lucy’s tits as well – good times indeed. Yes, it was the shots that got everyone going, I’am guessing the girls don’t take shots before punter sex, plus they were big bloody shot glasses! of course I don’t now if everyone part took but thats when it kicked off for me…… Lucy was on serious good form, never seen her with such a big smile on her face, and Nova was really into, well everything really, she’s such a happy chick who I would recommend without hesitation. The new girl Mandi, proved herself to be an exceptional quick learner, personally we fucked multiple times, the last time was in the dungeon lying on the plastic covered bed, missionary possie whilst I held her down , one arm at 11o clock the other at 4o clock, she came so violently, she was squirming all over the bed (or trying to) until I let go, then, having more muscular spasms, like she was touching an electric fence then just lying still whilst recovering – her chest rising and falling as she regained her composure. I said Harper had a lot of attention, 4 or 5 of the guys at times, and she was loving it…. howling the place down when she came. Great cos with so many guys occupied, meant the rest of us got stuck in to the other girls attentions. Oh yeah. After saying that I really got a kick from watching some of the stuff going on, at one point Harper organised about 5 guys, me included in a row and 3 of the girls went along the line giving bj, Nova also gives a top notch exceptional blowy all right. It was a eureka moment for me as sometimes girls have commented that Ive got a big cock, I kinda took it with a pinch of salt, cos working girls probably say it to all the boys, if you know what I mean. However after Sunday I can confirm mine ain’t that small…. mind you beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Getting back to the orgy, I haven’t mentioned Peaches yet. She spent a lot of time outside talking to the guys who were resting/ chilling outside and in the hot tub…… she wasn’t into it as much as the others, until one of the other girls went and got her! she was put on the table in the dungeon and she had her head on one side with her mouth open…my cock found its way into pushing her cheek out – real porno style, ha ha, There was this one guy who kept going down on the girls, and he had pole position (get it) and was happily munching away, until I walked up around from the side with my newly capped knob, tapped him on the shoulder and said “watch out incoming.” Good job he moved as otherwise he would have got my cock in his ear! Peaches eyes are a stunning light brown, and as we talked whilst fucking, she was looking directly at me, smiling, indeed I think she saw into my soul for a second, odd thing to say I know but thats how it felt, so very intense. Or maybe that was just her reaction to seeing my sex face of the first time, ha ha. Then one of the guys asked me if I minded if he could rub her Peaches clit whilst I was fucking her, yes I said and 2 minutes later bang, that did the trick, she came with a guys cock in her mouth, another one in hand, her clit being rubbed by yet another guy, and my cock in her pussy, her orgasm started like a out of control milking machine, then on about the 10th contraction, pushed out my cock clean out of her pus! Also whilst fucking Peaches again collapsed doggy style she showed me this putting one leg underneath the other leg position, which again was a first for me. Oh there was a handful of occasions where the girls or one of my fellow punters had us in stitches for example:- Bloody Peaches, when Harper took a paddle off the wall and handed it to Peaches saying “smack my arse with this” Holy moly, she almost took a run up…there was a clap of willow on bottom and Harper shot bolt upright and shouted “not that hard.’ Guess you may of had to be there – almost everyone in the room was in stitches. Too funny! And Lucy, remind me to ask you if you can remember what the hell we were laughing about, cos I can’t! (at certain points there must have been bugger all blood going to my brain though) Yeah so, Lucy was into a 69 on the bed with one of the dudes, I asked Nova if we could fuck on the bed with Lucy arse up doggy, as well, of course she said yes, with that lovely smile of hers. So I was just minding my own business, watching her and Lucy in the mirror, in out in out, the next thing I knew was Harper has got everyone in the room to watch! Gulp, stage fright….I thought for a brief moment I might lose my boner. ha ha So Harper was properly popular as most of the guys were her clients. At one stage she was lying on her back on the bench being fucked by 2 or 3 guys who were taking turns, with others watching and as I walked past, (whilst perving of course) she calls me over and tells me to straddle her, it took a while for me to work out what she meant, then it clicked. So I got up on the bench assuming a sort of almost sitting doggy 69 position so she was able to get hold of my cock and tackle which were hanging down above her face. Meanwhile my head was just above her waist, so I had a close up birds eye view of one guys finger rubbing her clit in slow concentric circles, whilst at the same time another guys cock was thrusting in and out of her puss. When I looked between my legs I could see my bell end and balls being taken care of by Harper – awesome just awesome. Once again another great, crazy, pervy moment, not to be forgotten anytime soon by yours truly! Oh, and saw a guy pulling out, after saying that he was going to cum, it was like watching a light bulb blow in the dark, but in a bag! Right at the end I watched 3 guys (at the same time) jizz on one of the girls tits, she was at the time furiously flicking her bean like no tomorrow…… she came, and so did they! Fuck, for me that was seriously hot to watch. There was no trouble that I witnessed, or raised voices, apart from at least one of the girls howling the house down as they came a couple of times – hard, you know who you are you naughty girls ha ha. Ultimately, the key for me,was everyone behaved themselves, not sure that would have been the case if over an over eager youngster or folks whose first language wasn’t English had attended. If there are any WG’s reading this who haven’t partaken in a gang bang yet, I would say to you (before you retire)…..”try it you might like it!” (Had a bit of Mike Pero’s tag line going on there… did you notice. lol) First off, thank you to Venus for use of your facility, then obviously Harper and the girls,( It would’t have been the same with you. lol) and finally the glorious 9, fellow swordsmen. I think we all had a lot of fun eh! Ps Just couldn’t stop thinking about it, all that night, so the next day still feeling excessively horny I tried to book a couple of the Venus girls, who were rostered on and took part, unfortunately, either their pussies needed R&R, or I couldn’t make their shift times work for me,

Peaches and cream

WOW! Having just spent an hour with Peaches I am compelled to write a review. This lady is special. Really attractive and a wonderful nature she greeted me with passion and enthusiasm. A big smile, a hug and good conversation made for an instant connection. Peaches is gorgeous with a beautiful fit toned body which she knows how to use. I was completely relaxed in her company and could have stayed, played and talked to her for hours. Her cute English accent just adds to her overall niceness. She seems to have a very caring nature but knows how to excite and please a guy. Amongst a number of great Venusroom girls Peaches is a star. I can’t wait to return…

Harper Venus Room

Saw this girl on Lucy’s recommendation. The profile and photos are accurate. She is very attractive, with a lovely figure. In the room I found her very passionate and adventurous. Seems open to being with girls as well as guys – I have have to splash out on a double…


I saw this girl on Lucy’s recommendation. The phrase “cute a a button” could have been invented for her. She is pretty and is perfectly formed. Gorgeous perky boobs.. We were in the room with the swing etc and she seemed slightly put out when I suggested starting with some of the props in there and indicated she preferred to start with a massage. Any awkwardness soon disappeared and she proved to be very enthusiastic once we warmed one another up. A little sweetie, but wicked with it…

Harper Venus

This Sweetheart is seriously me. I have seen her a number of times of late and visits just keep getting better and better. Harper just oozes affection. Her ad says 5.3 tall, but I think she is a little taller. Around 5′ 7 maybe. Age is fairly accurate at around 30 with a great trim and toned body. Harper is a gym bunny. Enhanced boobies, Not big, But VERY responsive. She almost cums from just having her nipples sucked . At the start of Playtime, She leads you by the hand to the bedroom. Just like a true girlfriend who is wanting some loving. First visit was a little reserved but since then she has become very relaxed and a little noisy. (which most guys like ) She now works my head and literally fucks my face during daty. She loves being eaten out with two fingers working the G spot . NO starfish here. A very passionate lover. She wraps herself around you pulling you into her. Another visit. I was sitting on the couch getting undressed. She was trying to kiss me. Then she went up a little higher and popped a tit in my mouth. We were laughing and she was saying how wet she was getting, Next thing she climbed up on my face and dropped her shaved clam onto my mouth. I was her first booking for the day and she was very horny. Last visit she came hard 3 times. First in the shower, Second time on the bed and again while riding my face. Harper is a kisser. A very passionate kisser. GOOD DFK. Everybody pashes differently. Some people click, some dont. Man can she suck face. She puts very good effort into the whole booking, but is a little strict on time, which is a bummer when you are having fun and the hour slips away. So these visits, just being a punt, worked exceptionally well for me. A visit by another punter may have different results. She is just human like we are. But she is a very beautiful caring lady. Treat her well and Thank you HARPER Cheers PP …. B

Oh Venus room sweet sweet sweet Venus room

Being the red blooded male I am , the Venus room certainly gets me all excited , would have to be my all time favourite place , Always a welcoming smile , lovely ladies to view and enjoy time with , superb spa nicer with a lady next to ya , Hmmmm sometimes Venus room feels like a palace , with all the lovely princesses frolicking round , if I was to be held captive it would be at Venus room , ( hmmmm maybe I should rethink that , way too much temptation for tie and tease ) The princesses here are just fantastic can’t wait for the warmer weather for casual attire , hmmm gym shorts , nice wee tennis skirt , titties wrapped up in short sleeves white blouse , better stop there , nah hint hint hint , I’m a full on perv nice to catch some upskirt knicker view as well, This isn’t really a review more just a thanks for the effort the ladies go to to impress a simple man like me , Hmmmm upskirt knicker view , that really gets the man going hint hint , I’m only male , Superb establishment , a lady for everyone’s taste , well almost , if only an Asian lady there who who enjoyed pleasing men like the Venus ladies do ……..


Feeling in a super horny mood off I went to Venus room with a friend , having made inquiries into some ladies availability , the mission was set , Both welcomed in , offered refreshments , then off our separate ways , I missed out on the traditional perv of the ladies walking up the stairs in front of you , lucky my friend copped the view damn him , Into shower , back to the room , told possum I needed some hard treatment as horny as they cum , the lady said she would see what could be done , oh my oh my , wrestled with the ladies bra , nice , then some ass teasing , the lady nibbled on me , driving me crazy , soon into some daty , the lady returned the favour , Climbed onboard and ground me , such a super feeling when the lady using you to grind her spot of pleasure , very nice , I so wanted to take control , but no the lady mixed things up , soon I got control , the lady into doggy , the lady enjoying this as much as me , The view too much lost total control , well done possum , the time seems to fly by , Finished refreshments in lounge and got my friend acquainted with ladies of the Venus room , Even the new lady on the door , well sitting on the chair by the door got introduced , ha ha ha , now that’s one accomodating thing , not sure on her name , umm that’s right awaiting a name ……


Ok excuse the title , but I had been trying to visit this lady for a good couple of weeks , a kinda break came up in work traffic , booked in to visit possum , probably not best of my ideas as well tired but hey never let an opportunity go by , Offered a refreshment at event centre , chatted briefly with the ladies then business time , showered and back to room , me as horny as hell did warn the lady , no complaints coming my way , Into some slow undressing of the lady , Yuuum , possum has such a fine form , soon couldn’t help myself into some daty , received some great oral in return , had to have the lady ride me , can’t remember what I murmured but was understood , damn what a feeling , swapped things about into doggy , this is where it gets funny , I pulled out to check things still in place and oops , everything was in place but the outward manouvre was too much , lol , blew my load in the condom outside the lady , I said that was supposed to happen in you or be over your back , oops , gave me a good time to chat to the lady and catch up , I was tired from weeks efforts anyways , nice to converse with such a beautiful lady , Maybe next time I could last the distance , lol , I’m sure it happens to us all , the lady said see you could have done a half hour booking , not my style though , we joked as our first meet was half an hour , The Venus ladies all fine ladies always make you feel welcome , Maybe it’s just me , it’s like your a king in their palace , nice efforts ladies

Possum Venus -

Ok so this is a very first for me a half hour punt , was a kind of unplanned event , saw the sexy possum and thought why I hadn’t seen her before , all nerves kind of put aside , persuaded the lady to be my playmate for a half hour , no pressure Rocco Being a first for me and knowing my likes thought it best to have shower and straight back for main event , yeah no massage or undressing the lady , man this lady is hot and she knows it , I went straight to dining at the y , he’ll yeah I’d been perving at a few asses that nite but possums rear really got me going like mmmmmmmm, Very responsive was the lady , me getting well Chubbed up by now soon into a good cock workout , like o m g this lady knows how to get the mans attention , well done possum , motioned the lady to ride me , ooh yeah that sexy lady figure grasping my cock , what a tease , Requested some more daty then into good Ol Rocco doggy , pulled out and demanded more daty , the lady getting well sensitive now , like yummo Time up I was so close , very nice to have met possum on such a tight timeframe , promised a longer event next time , Thankyou got your time sweet lady , Rocco a very horny man .

Harper Venus

This lady has been on my radar for some time , missed out seeing Harper , thus only made the wait more exciting , My style of punting arrangement has somewhat changed , texted a couple of places to see who was playing , to my delight Harper was available so locked and loaded a meeting time , Got to event centre , met at door by a lady , I had to take a second look as this lady looked like my best mates wife ( who is damn hot ) , Was asked who I was here to see , said Harper and to my enjoyment the lady in front of me was Harper , quick I was pulled up the stairs , into room , now this lady is hot , as in hot dang , some nice teasing of each other then into shower for me , rocketed back to room , Harper is a very sensual lady , enjoys teasing the man up , super kisser , I was feeling like a king , looked down , the lady caressing my thighs and teasing fingers around my erogenous zones , what a tease , time for some daty , wasn’t long and I was begging for a blowjob , and to be pleasured , well actually for the lady to pleasure herself on me , After what seemed like an hour of sexing , I released my energy , hmmm well done Harper , Nice chat in the fuzzy afterglow moment , Finished my refreshment outside admiring two ladies naked in the spa , well tempted to leap in but running late to next appointment as it was. , Nice to have met Harper , a real sweet lady , Thanking you Venus room for your superb hospitality again , And Thankyou Harper for getting to know me , always a sweet treat at Venus room


I spent a fantastic hour in the company of this beautiful woman and can I say it went all to quickly. I won't go into details of what went on behind closed doors. Except to say if you treat her well you get well looked after. She met me at the door with a huge smile a hug and a kiss and wow she is smokin hot and well worth a visit and for me a return visit very soon. Not only is she sexy as hell but Harper is a great conversationalist and I could have spent the hour just talking. She teases and tantalises and softly but deeply kisses you Thank you Harper I will return

Harper Venus

I've seen Harper several times now and each time we meet it gets better and better. She's is a very beautiful young woman, with a figure I can't keep my hands off from top to toe. I'm not going to go into details of what goes on between us behind closed doors. But what I will say is, I brought along one accessory with me this week for us both to enjoy. Harper needed to feel comfortable and trusting for this item to work. And what followed was an hour of unrushd pleasure that we both enjoyed. As we chatted afterwards , I asked " how are we going to top that? " Harper thought for a moment, and then suggested a " Fuckfest!! " And yes I am looking forward to that.

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