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Our escorts cater to men with a healthy sexual appetite in a friendly, modern premises at our discreet three-story complex in Christchurch.

The Venusroom
Professional Christchurch Escorts and Adult Entertainment Venue

At the Venusroom, we guarantee that your expectations will be met and possibly exceeded so insist on a Venusroom Escort. Our Escorts are handpicked and only the best.

Venus Girls Available Today

Lilith Venus, 40 New

Snow Venus, 18

Kink Sabrina

Piper Venus, 19 NEW!

Photo of Valentina

Valentina Venus, 24

Sabrina Venus, 22 NEW!

Avar Vixen 40 NEW!

Pandora Venus, 26

Summer Venus, 22

About The Venusroom

Located in the centre of the old Woolston Industrial area in Christchurch, on Thackers Quay, five minutes walk from The Tannery shopping complex, the Venusroom has independent escorts from all over NZ and the world, catering to men with a healthy sexual appetite in a stress-free environment.

Themed Rooms For Hire

The Venusroom is a modern three-story complex with 5 themed adult entertainment rooms available for hire, includeing the Passion Room, and the fully equipped Dungeon, with everything you need for your enjoyment. We also have a relaxing spa available for hire.

Make A Booking

Call, text, or send us a message to arrange your next booking with one of our beautiful escorts. Ample parking available on Thackers Quay, or call us to arrange access through our discreet second entrance on Connal street. Cash Only. Call Madame Touche on 0220594369.