Venusroom Special Events

The Venusroom in Christchurch is home to many special events throughout the year where you can enjoy some fun and games with our beautiful escorts, including the Venusroom Orgy which we host every few months. For enquires call Madame Touche 022 0594 369.

Phone free Fridays

Every Friday between the hours of 6pm and 10pm The Venusroom lounge will be phone free. This will enable our guests to interact with our ladies and other guests,

There will be subjects discussion and you can also bring up your own subject. Some of the subjects would include:
Election politics/ how much you like/ hate ins and outs of our sex lives Donald Trump
What constitutes a good hooker and why
What constitutes a good client
Christchurch the future of the place
Dirty jokes will be told
Pain and pleasure
A BBQ will be provided after 10pm ok guys theres the after
make the most of it