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Beautiful Escorts ready and willing at the Venusroom in Christchurch

Venusroom Escorts Available Today

Molly Venus, 23 (New)

Cherish Venus, 19 (New)

Zeta Venus, 24

Poppy Venus, 19

Baby Venus, 19 (New)

Juniper Venus, 26

All the Venusroom Escorts

Jess Venus, 29 (New)(away)

Luna Venus, 23 (new)

Isabella Venus, 25 (New)

Bailey Venus, 24 (New)

Pixie Venus, 19 (New)

Darcy Venus, 24 (New) ( Away)

Layla Venus, 26 (New) (Away)

Sienna Venus, 23

Miss Sophie Venus, 30

Kiki Venus, 20 (new)

Fae Venus, 20 (new)

Shelby Venus, 25

Violet Venus, 20 (Away)

Daisy Venus, 24 ( Away)

Scarlett Venus, 23 (away)

Lilly Venus, 21

Mini Orgy

Venus Playmates Prices

Phone appointments

$250.00 60 minutes
$220.00 45 minutes
$200.00 30 minutes


Overnight Stay
$2000 for 8 hours


Greek $150.00 extra
Other services are listed hereĀ Prices
Payment cash only
We also accept Australian/US currency

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12-10pm
  • Appointments only between 12-3pm
  • Tuesday 12-7pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-10pm
  • Appointments only between 12-3pm
  • Thursday 12-10pm
  • Appointments only between 12-3pm
  • Friday 12-11pm
  • Saturday 4pm-11pm
  • Sunday 4pm-10pm
  • Matariki open 4pm-11pm

The Glory Hole

The girls have been in training for our latest attraction. They are looking for men that need something different and appreciate fantasy, be amongst the first to leave the VENUSROOM without even knowing who did those great things to your most precious parts. You will have a smile as big as Winston.

Cost $100.00

Vacancy: Venus Girls Wanted

The Venusroom is a new age Adult Entertainment Venue. Gone are the days of long all night shifts, low pay, cleaning duties and drunk clients, catty behavior and all those other things bad that the industry is known for.

Also The Venusroom has a scheme so as you will never go home empty handed. If you complete a full shift and the day has been slow we guarantee you will take home at least $100.00

Pick your own times to be at work, (We understand ladies have children etc) Get the top pay rates in Christchurch and use our accommodation free if you are from out of town.

Our clients are handpicked decent men who appreciate good service and clean premises and friendly ladies that give them value for money. Read our review section and see what the clients say about our services.

Madame Touche is in charge, she has years of experience in the industry greed, is not one of her traits.

You must be well presented, meth free and not be mixed up with bad people.

Ladies that are new to the industry are welcome no experience necessary.

The Venusroom is a safe place to work from as it is in the suburbs with full security networks in place as your SAFETY is our TOP PRIORITY !!!

We also have a discreet entrance for those that choose to use it/ Full payment in cash is available after every appointment with no shift fees at all.

We work as a team you are welcome to come in and join us if you would like to earn some great money, build your confidence and make some new friends this is the place for you.

Vacancy: Resident Mistress

Venusroom requires an experienced Mistress to take control of our fully equipped dungeon. The right Mistress would be aged 30 or more, have a keen sense of humour would know then how important it is to be punctual. Reliability would be her middle name, dedication would be her work ethic. She would know about Slaves, Cross-dressers, ropes, knots, CBT and pain. She would also know how to look good at all times. If this description sounds (no pun intended) like you think of yourself please contact The Master of the Venusroom on 033764565 to discuss your ambitions.

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