Venusrooms New Sexual Distancing Experience

In the brave new world of social distancing, the girls at The Venusroom have come up with a new service for you horny Stallions.

You have seen pay to view online with cam girls forget that! go for the real deal.

At The Venusroom the girls are LIVE.

You still have to keep your distance but there is a difference. The girls have extended toys and equipment that can be operated from a distance.

This is a LIVE sex show for your pleasure, no condoms required, blow your load any time you like.

Because of popular demand, the experience can only last a maximum of 60 minutes.

The cost is $180.00 cash

For that you can:

  • Watch a live sex exhibition
  • Participate from a distance (1 metre)
  • Engage in sexual conversation
  • Masturbate at your leisure for plenty of pleasure
  • Multishots are also allowed
  • Free refreshments

We cannot offer normal sexual services until level 1 is achieved so enjoy this service, relieve the pressure and relax at The Venusroom.

This is the Ultimate tease and unique experience it won’t last forever, so see you at The Venusroom the pleasure palace of New Zealand.

By appointment only contact Madame Touche on 0220594369